Salad Heroes


Salad Heroes is owned by Chris and Melissa Stiers. Melissa Stiers, a Sandy, Oregon native, graduated from Mt. Hood Community College in 2012 with an Associates Degree in Integrated Media. She went on to open and operate Purely Yours Photography - a local and successful photo studio. With that same entrepreneurial spirit, Melissa started The Tidy Sister in 2013. The Tidy Sister has grown into a successful business, employing several employees and is based in Gresham, OR; providing housekeeping services around the local Portland, OR metro area. The success of The Tidy Sister and that same spirit of wanting to give back to the community has now given delivery to Salad Heroes. Melissa’s Partner in supporting the creation of Salad Heroes is her husband, Chris Stiers. Chris is a Northwest native (Born and raised in Salem, OR) Chris graduated from Mt. Hood Community College in 2013 as a Metal Fabricator. He is a Full-time employee at Pacific Trail Manufacturing, a local Metal fabrication shop.

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